rich falco director of jazz studies









Private Jazz Lessons


Rich has had a lifetime of deep exploration of the guitar which allows him to share his adventures with his students.

Every private lesson with Rich is crafted to meet the unique needs of each student. His highest priority is to help students uncover their distinctive voice, so flexibility and "discovery" are the reward. Lessons are based on mutual respect with the goal of allowing the music to speak through each musician without the "blocks" of uneven technique or underdeveloped language.

Rich is profoundly grateful to those musicians who have shared their time in helping him develop his musical voice. His years of study included private lessons, coachings and workshops with such jazz masters as Bill Leavitt (Founder and Guitar Department Chair, Berklee College of Music), Joe Pass, Gene Bertoncini, Pete Clemente, and Herb Pomeroy among others.

Although some of my students are professional players and teachers, I have worked with many students who are preparing for college music programs. These lessons are aimed at building the skill set necessary to be successful in any music school. Former and current students have attended such prestigious schools as Berklee College of Music, U Mass, University of Miami, North Texas State, Indiana U, Cal Tech, New School, New England Conservatory and several others. Music theory, history, ear training, orchestration, and reading skills are covered in every lesson in an easy to absorb format.


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